Students and graduates

We are extremely committed to the constant development and education of our employees, as well as to providing scholarships for our future employees. Our scholarships are intended for ambitious, innovative and flexible pupils and students from technical departments, who see employment in our company as a route that will ensure career development and success.

We are very pleased to share our rich experience with young people, which is why we enable our protégés to undertake compulsory internships. We are pleased to see their theoretical knowledge merge with practical skills. They become familiar with working processes, working equipment and technological procedures in our company and therefore acquire their first work experiences. We also enable students to carry out work for their seminars and thesis work under the supervision of our employees.   

We are continuously intensifying our cooperation with specialized schools and faculties in terms of excursions on particular themes and presentations of the SIJ Group as we wish to offer young people the opportunity to become part of our team after completing their education.