Scrap Division

Steel is one of the rare materials that can be 100% recycled. Waste processing and recycling is not only an important element in the vertical integration of SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group (the raw materials base division represents around 10% of the entire Group´s income), but it is also an important element in the integrated business model, i.e. the lifespan of the steelworks sector.

In SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group recycling and processing is perceived as:

  • An incredibly important element in reducing environmental impact
  • A key input of raw material, since the production of both ironworks companies in the Group is based on steel waste processing
  • An essential factor for new workplaces
  • New business opportunities and innovations.

Through our own raw material base (our own companies for steel waste collection that have been established in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina), we cover 30% of steel waste demand, thereby efficiently managing business risks arising from strategic supply chains. The division mentioned performs the processes of purchasing, collection, sorting, processing, cutting and baling steel waste. The further development of the division also anticipates expanding the business to alloyed waste processing, while our strategy is in favor of optimizing the ironworks companies´ production mixes in terms of increasing the share of demanding high–alloyed steel products.