The disability company the SIJ ZIP Center

Since 1998, the ZIP Center has had the status of a disability company, active in many areas of work, the most important of which are carpentry, printing, outdoor cleaning and landscaping, accounting for 90% of all the company’s income. In addition to the programs mentioned, the company also manufactures business gifts and children’s educational toys.

The Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled in Koroška is an independent organizational unit within the company, which has received a concession to provide employment rehabilitation services from the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Affairs.

The ZIP Center´s products and services are recognized both locally and in the wider region. The company is the only disability company in the region, and its competitive team addresses one of the most basic missions of disability companies, which is training and employing the disabled. Over the past few years of its existence, the company has succeeded in increasing the number of employees from 17 to over 100, and to create around 90 new workplaces, some of which are given to dozens of the disabled who are able to work.