SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group is one of the leading producers of stainless steel and special steels in Europe. We are Slovenia's largest vertically integrated metallurgy group. We are committed to global and European climate goals and operate in line with circular economy principles. With our steel and steel products, we are the right partner for facilitating the green transition in Europe. Our production companies are modern recycling steelworks. Our steel is recycled.

With more than 3,800 employees, we are one of the largest employers in Slovenia and a pillar of the Slovenian steel sector. We are one of Slovenia's leading exporters. About 85% of our revenue is generated in foreign markets.

The SIJ Group consists of five divisions:

  • Scrap Division, where steel waste is collected and prepared for further processing in the Steel Division;
  • Steel Division, which, with the two largest Slovenian steelworks (SIJ Acroni and SIJ Metal Ravne), is our most important division;
  • Manufacturing Division, where companies exploit synergies with the Steel Division to produce steel products like knives, rolls and steel bars;
  • Distribution and Processing Division, with companies in key markets that develop relationships directly with customers through their services;
  • Headquarters and other services.

Core production programmes include high quality steel products such as:

  • stainless steel quarto plates,
  • alloyed tool steels (rolled and forged products),
  • special steels (high-strength and wear-resistant steels),
  • non-oriented electrical plates.

The SIJ Group also produces high value-added finished products such as industrial knives, rolls and cold-drawn bars.



“Steel is an important cornerstone of a sustainable world. It is the world's most recycled material. At the SIJ Group, we process it over and over into new forms of steel. Without loss of value."

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The vision of SIJ – Slovenian Steel Group is to continue to make improvements in the technology and logistics of the production process, as well as to significantly increase its own sales network to maintain and grow its markets in the EU and worldwide.
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