Employee care

With more than 3,900 employees, we are one of the largest Slovenian employers and a key part of the economy in the Municipalities of Jesenice and Ravne na Koroškem. In addition, we employ even more people in other companies beyond the borders of Slovenia. 

Why join SIJ – Slovenian Steel Industry

  • because we are innovative, successful and because we strive to grow even further, both in Slovenia and abroad;
  • because we invest in employees´ knowledge and to improve their skills – we offer our employees participation in local and foreign educational programs, professional seminars and conferences, so that we are also investing in developing their professional competences;
  • because we are aware of the need for high-quality working conditions, we are constantly committed to improving the working environment, as well as increasing the availability of sporting, cultural, scientific and other activities, in which our employees can participate outside the working environment;
  • because we provide our employees with numerous options for free recreation and participation in sports and other events;
  • because we encourage the creativity and innovativeness of our employees, who can make a significant contribution to the successful development of the company and receive awards for their good suggestions, inventions and improvements;
  • because we are a socially responsible company, which constantly inspires the broader development of the environment in which it operates;
  • because we offer competitive employment conditions, ultimately leading to career advancement;
  • because the SIJ Group consistently follows legislation and applicable collective agreements, offers all employees adequate breaks during work (for meals and rest, if necessary), rewards workers for overtime hours at a premium; and pays workers in monetary means only and in full.

What we expect

Our goal is to employ professionals from different fields who are active in the local area. Different positions are filled by people with different experience.

We value individuals who can use their knowledge and skills to contribute to the Group´s companies and who are also ready to further develop these abilities within the working environment. Along with social competences in relation to their colleagues, we expect dedication, responsibility, integrity and enthusiasm from our future associates in every field of our business.  

The qualities we are looking for from candidates depend on whether they are experienced experts or if they have just started on their career journey.