Following the occurrence of a novel coronavirus in Slovenia, SIJ Group has taken various measures to prevent the virus spread. 

In response to the coronavirus spread, SIJ Group has adapted its business operations. Our priority in this crisis is to protect the health of our employees, both in the production and supporting administrative services, preserve jobs and ensure smooth business operations.

A centralized crisis team whose role is to monitor the development of this epidemic in the Republic of Slovenia, its neighbouring countries and our key markets has been established. It implements and adjusts measures according to government's and competent health institutions' decisions and orders to ensure the safety of our employees.

We have prepared this overview so you can familiarize yourself with all the changes and present measures we have taken in regard to the coronavirus spread,

Measures that we have implemented to protect the health of SIJ Group employees

We have introduced a series of measures in five main areas with the aim to protect the health of our employees and enable them to continue to work safely.

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In the production, where people work in close proximity, we have made wearing of face masks compulsory as well as regular washing and disinfection of hands. We also encourage our employees to keep safety distance. Additional measures such as ensuring relevant certificates regarding the hygiene and safety of workwear and protective clothing and a new dispatch protocol for merchandise have been implemented. Moreover, no visitors to our premises are allowed and no-contact daily deliveries have been introduced. 

Preventive measures include cancellations of all business trips and training programs, which are replaced by communication via video conferences, skype and other digital tools. To further reduce the possibility of virus spread, we closed canteens and stopped filling vending machines with snacks and coffee. Safety zones have also been introduced between different divisions and departments so the employees' movements are reduced to essential only. Administrative services shifted into alternate working teams, with one group going to work and the other one working from home. After each week, the groups swap.

Through various forms of communication, we are regularly informing our employees about the necessity of implementing these measures and are providing them with all relevant information for continuing business operations in this crisis situation.

Since our main goal at SIJ Group is to protect the health of our employees, preserve jobs and continue ensuring smooth operations, we will continue carrying out and introducing new preventive measures in accordance with the recommendations of the Republic of Slovenia and other competent and health care institutions.

Video: work in the production in times of coronavirus epidemics

In the following video, we present the anti-coronavirus measures that have been implemented at our manufacturing company SIJ Ravne Systems, which is among the ten most important knives producers in the world.