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The SIPREME brand encompasses superalloys and nickel alloys, that offer exceptional performance in challenging environments, making them indispensable in various high-stress applications.


SIPREME alloys offer high creep resistance achieved through meticulous control of crystal grains via high-temperature heat treatment, together with precise management of carbon, titanium, and aluminum content. They exhibit remarkable resilience even in the most aggressive conditions, surpassing the capabilities of traditional stainless steels.

Focused on high-temperature and high-stress scenarios, SIPREME nickel alloys are engineered to excel in environments where stability and structural integrity are paramount. These alloys maintain their austenitic structure even after prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures, exceeding 700⁰C, making them the best choice for applications demanding thermal endurance.


SIPREME nickel alloys not only provide excellent strength but also demonstrate outstanding resistance to oxidizing, carburizing, reducing, and aqueous environments. They boast commendable creep and stress rupture properties, ensuring reliability under sustained loads and high-temperature conditions.

This makes them the preferred choice for demanding applications across various sectors such as:
• aerospace,
• power generation,
• industrial heating,
• petrochemical,
• hydrocarbon processing industry.

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SIJ Acroni and SIJ Metal Ravne collectively offer a comprehensive range of products, encompassing both flat and long steel products, to satisfy diverse market needs.

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Dušica Radjenović

Executive Director of Sales