Distribution & Processing Division

Service centers have emerged in order to connect even better with our end users, which is why in recent years we have improved our own sales network set of service centers.

Service centers therefore enable us to reduce the number of intermediaries and to get closer to our buyers. Our service centers are located in Slovenia as well as in Italy, Germany and the USA.

Sales - Service centers:

  • Service center Slovenia

SIJ Ravne Steel Center, Ljubljana

SIJ Ravne Steel Center is one of the largest service centers for the tool making industry in Central Europe. As a member of the SIJ Group it is also a certified steel distributor to end customers for SIJ Metal Ravne and SIJ Acroni.

With more than 5,000 tons of steel in stock, modern equipment for cutting and mechanical treatment, the company is present on all key European markets. Its vision is to offer the customers all the necessary service and technical support.

As a steel service center, SIJ Ravne Steel Center carries out different levels of mechanical and heat treatment of steels and complete control over the steels’ end quality.


  • Service center Italy

Sidertoce, Gravellona Toce

Sidertoce is recognized as one of the leading tool steel distributors in Italy. Company was founded in 1972 and joined the SIJ Group in 2010, where it effectively operates as a steel distributor for SIJ Metal Ravne and SIJ Acroni. Due to long-term presence on the market and vast experience of its employees, Sidertoce has become a recognized partner of cylinder, knife and tool manufacturing industry in Italy. 

With 6,700 m2 of storage facilities, 3,000 tons of steel in storage, 22 saws for cold cut, and an effective logistic service, Sidertoce provides steel and services for more than 1000 end customers.


Griffon & Romano, Corsico

Since 1954 Griffon & Romano  has been pursuing a constant policy of modernization by means of the timely application of every technological innovation. Nowadays Griffon & Romano is considered as a company of primary importance in the field of stainless steel, in particular as far as plasma and mechanic cut are concerned. With its full complement of suitable machinery, the company has reached a high qualitative level, ensuring its ability to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers in Italian market.


  • Service center Germany

Niro Wenden, Wenden

Founded in 1994, at present NIRO Wenden GmbH has become one of the leading stainless steel processors on the German and international markets. As a subsidiary of the SIJ Group and in conjunction with its specialist partners, NIRO covers an extensive range of stainless steel blanks and machining options, and offers a complete supply programme for stainless steel fabricators from a single source.

On average, the company has approximately 2,500 tons of stainless steel sheets available in stock. Precision-engineered production and fully-automated order processing systems combined with state-of-the-art logistics come as standard.


Sales center:

  • Sales center USA 

SIJ Americas, New Jersey

SIJ Americas is USA based trading company of SIJ, with main office located in Hazlet, New Jersey.  Company's function is to promote and sell specialty steel products from Metal Ravne and Acroni in United States of America.

By stocking more than 1000 tons of tool steels in Batavia, SIJ Americas offers its customers a wide range of products and sizes to choose from and a just in time delivery. Offering services of sales support, metallurgical and total logistics, SIJ Americas has developed strong relationships with its customers, servicing companies all over North America, Mexico and Brazil.